Chocolate Cheesecake with berries


60g Chocolate
250g Quartered strawberries or raspberries
450g Cream cheese
70g Granulated sugar
250ml Cream

Ingredients for the biscuit base 

170g Digestive biscuits
100g Butter
2 Tablespoons golden syrup

Preparation method

Put the digestive biscuits into a plastic bag and beat with a wooden spoon until crumbed.
Melt the butter in a saucepan and slowly add the golden syrup followed by the crumbed digestive
biscuits and mix well. Press the biscuit mixture into a baking tray, ensuring that the biscuit crust rises
on the sides. Leave the biscuit base in the fridge for one hour to set. Microwave the chocolate in a
small microwaveable bowl on high for one minute and stir the chocolate until it has melted
Beat the cream cheese and granulated sugar in a large bowl with an electric mixer on medium speed
until it has been well blended. Add the chocolate and mix well. Whip the cream and gently spoon it
into the mixture. Spoon the mixture into the chilled biscuit base. Refrigerate for three hours until set
Decorate with chocolate sprinkles and crushed biscuit and serve with raspberries or strawberries.