At the heart of Wexford Creamery are the farmers who supply the milk which makes our delicious products. With over 600 Wexford farmers supplying milk to the creamery, these are the true custodians of Wexford’s dairy heritage. Meet 2 of our dedicated farmers who supply milk to Wexford Creamery.

James Grannell - Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.

The Grannells have farmed Wexford land for centuries, and James is the latest in a long and proud Wexford line.

James has seen plenty of change in the industry, and recalls delivering fresh milk to Wexford Creamery by cart.

Much has changed since then, but the quality of Wexford’s soil hasn’t, nor the longer periods of grazing its free-roaming cows enjoy so much – all of which contributes to that exceptional Wexford flavour so many families enjoy in their homes every day.

James Grannell

Tom Furlong Jr. - Adamstown, Co. Wexford.

Tom Furlong Jr.

Tom and his father’s farm has been in the family for generations, and has supplied Wexford Creamery since it opened for business in 1959.

Tom Jr. enjoys the strong community and knowledge-sharing amongst Wexford dairy farmers, and having been to the other side of the world and back – he feels that the long months of grazing, the dry land and the lush grass definitely give Wexford dairy produce a delicious edge over anywhere else.